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 Avatar Selling/Buying

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PostSubject: Avatar Selling/Buying   Avatar Selling/Buying EmptyWed Oct 19, 2011 4:14 pm

Maybe, we could create a thread for this?

Anyways, for buying avatars:

[b]IGN (In game username)[/b]: Your username in SB
[b]Price Range[/b]: General price you'd be willing to pay
[b]Size[/b]: The size of the avatar.
[b]Render[/b]: Most avatar makers require a render, so just get one.
[b]Misc[/b]: Any extra comments/details.

Note: For size, I'm unaware if there are increased sizes for donators, so post a pixel size. (ex. 150x150)

And, for selling avatars:


[b]IGN (In game Username)[/b]:
[b]Price[/b]: The price you're selling avatars for (in ryo)
[b]Size[/b]: The size you make. If no specific size, put "Any"
[b]Misc[/b]: Any extra extra comments/details

Note: For both, please discuss further details in PMs in game. This is more of a place to advertise your "Business", and let people know you're a graphic designer.

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Avatar Selling/Buying
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