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 Game Suggestions!

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PostSubject: Game Suggestions!   Game Suggestions! EmptySat Oct 29, 2011 11:02 pm

Okay! I love Role Playing and hoping we get some decent user base soon, I'm gonna suggest few things. These suggestions are from different RP sites that has made them a winner (or so :p).

-> First of all, having stats in the Game is fine. But to actually cover all the 'Role Play' lovers, we need something different here. That is, less numbers and more imagination. Of course, having absolutely no numbers at all will give room for god-modding, that is why I say 'Less Numbers'.

-> Secondly, every Role Playing character must be Approved by a Mod before they can start role playing. This way we can filter out most spams and pranks.

-> And then, I suggest this. Smack me if it sounds too 'Weird'. We should have custom clans, jutsus, bloodlines and what not. These also should be approved by a Mod before being trained and used. This way, it is way more fun.

-> Also, we need to have more villages.

If I were wrong or offending on any point above, please excuse me. And thanks for reading all my ranting patiently. Let's work to make this an enjoyable site.
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PostSubject: Re: Game Suggestions!   Game Suggestions! EmptyTue Nov 01, 2011 11:57 am

Sorry for answering late... Well, if I have to tell the truth, you're right xD
The stats were just for moderaing the "jutsu learning" and also to differ from a "fast ninja" and a "thug", but if everybody is decided about his ninja in a positive way, it would be perfect. The jutsus are custom, if you propose them at the Playground they are usually accepted. If you could give me an exaple of the numbers you would use, I would be pleased. The second point I also think that should be done, by filtering right now would mean to have only 2 people (or less).
The other thing I would like to be more explained are the custom clans.
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Game Suggestions!
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